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Floor Tile Installers/Installation Williamsburg, VA

Level Up Tile & Flooring provides tile installation in Williamsburg, VA and surrounding areas. Ceramic or Porcelain tile are the two types and we recommend porcelain because of it's durability. Ensuring your subfloor is ready for tile is imperative prior to installation. The tile contractor should ensure that a wood subfloor is free from moisture and movement. Reinforcing floor joists may remove the bounce or squeaking sounds that you hear when you walk on it. If not, the crawl space needs to be inspected for any possible foundation issues. Tile is very heavy and a weak subfloor will not hold.

A backer board should be installed on a wood subfloor and crack isolation membrane on concrete. This prevents any transference of shock to the tile that will cause cracks. There are different types of cement board. Durock is a less expensive product than Schluter and Ditra systems, but in the long term, may be more effective underlayment. Remember that you are adding value over cost. Don't cut corners on your installation. Installers should use manufacturer specifications as this is the only way not to void the product warranty. Durock or other backer board must be installed with mortar under the board and then screwed according to the manufactures instructions. I have personally witnessed many that skip this step for various reasons. You want an installer that will do it right from beginning to end. These precautions ensure lifelong stability of your installation. 

In concrete applications, the tile installer should use a crack isolation membrane such as Schluter, Ditra, or a crack isolation liquid such as Hydroban. What exactly is a crack isolation membrane/liquid? Both of these products will ensure that any movement in the floor is not transferred to the tile. In some applications, self-leveling compounds are needed to make the floor level prior to tile installation. An experienced tile installer will ensure that the tile floor is flat and/or level. Tile trowels are used to apply thinset/mortar under the tiles. Thinset is the concrete based  product that holds your tile to your substrate. When the tile installer uses an incorrect trowel size it can result in voids under the tile. Voids are also created if a floor is not level. When the thinset is not mixed properly or dries out it can result in tiles that are not bonded to the thinset. Backbuttering is the process of applying a thin coat of thinset to the back of the tiles and applying thinset to the flooring which will result in 100% coverage with directional troweling and removal of air pockets. Your installer should inform you if leveling is necessary to prevent cracking.

The take away here is that preparation is key. When you are hiring an installer, these considerations are necessary to ensuring that your flooring not only looks good, but is actually a solid installation.

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