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Tile Backsplash Installers/ Installation Williamsburg, Va

Level Up Tile & Flooring provides tile backsplash installation in Williamsburg, VA and surrounding areas. There are various types of tile that can be used for your backsplash. Tile backsplashes not only enhance your kitchen but they also increase the value of your home. When deciding on what type of tile, we strongly recommend buying a sample of the product and placing it on top your counter to ensure that they match. Some clients prefer glass tile mosaics or using larger tiles in the area to reduce the number of grout lines. Combinations of different of types can be a great idea but in some instances a simple design can produce the best results.

The tile contractor will be able to give you an estimate with the square footage of material that will be needed. We recommend that you purchase 10-20% additional square feet of material to account for waste, defects, and for certain patterns. For example, patterns like herringbone will produce more waste than a standard stacked pattern. We highly recommend purchasing from a retailer/wholesaler with a return policy that does not charge a restocking fee. While a supplier may have enough tile, they may not have matching edging. Plan your install to include time for ordering materials if necessary. If your selection does not have matching edging, we recommend using Schluter edging or a tile pencil. 

Glass tiles are great for areas where there is a lot of natural sunlight. Glass tiles will expand your area and enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen backsplash installation. No matter the tile you choose, improper thinset can result in a lack of bonding between your tile and the wall. In some instances where you see chips in glass tiles after they are installed is the result of not using a glass tile blade. Most marble tiles will need to be sealed twice: prior to grout and once again after the tiles are installed because marble is highly porous. Tiling over drywall is not a problem in a backsplash application because it is not a water application such as a shower. The key point is do your research for DIY projects or... hire a pro!  

Now this is important: for a kitchen remodel, get your countertops done FIRST. Tile must be installed on top of the countertops and moving them out will cause movement and cracks in any tile installation. Resurfacing or replace cabinets PRIOR to a backsplash. Change ventilation or hoods PRIOR to a backsplash. The backsplash is the aesthetic that should be the last thing you do in a remodel. You do not want your tile ruined by another sloppy contractor.

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Backsplash Installation in Williamsburg Va

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