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Tile Shower Installers/ Installation in Williamsburg, Va

Level Up Tile & Flooring provides Shower Tile installation in Williamsburg, Va. Porcelain tile is a great choice in a water application such as a shower. Preparing your shower for tile is a very important step when it comes to installing tile. Your shower pan should have a slope of 1/4 inch per foot fall to the drain to ensure proper drainage. Your walls and shower pan must be waterproofed prior to installation. Some tile installers use durock and a waterproof liquid such such Hydroban. The joints and screw holes needs to be covered to ensure that the shower is a waterproof. Most tiles and grout are porous meaning that water will get behind your tile. If your substrate behind your tile is not waterproof you tile installation as beautiful as it may be will not last. Foam board such as Schluter Board, Hydro Board by Laticrete, and Wedi Board are already waterproofed but the seams and screw holds will need to be waterproofed prior to tile installation. Note green drywall board with waterproofing on top is not the proper method for installing tile. Green board is not suitable for shower applications. You can use the Schluter Waterproof Membrane or the Laticrete Hydroban Membrane over top of drywall to provide a suitable application for tile. 

For showers and tub surrounds the most likely place to have a leak is in the shower pan or the curb for a walk-in shower. For tub surrounds it is imperative that the gap between the tub and the wall is 100% waterproof. I would recommend having your shower pan flood tested by an city inspector to ensure that your plumbing and shower pan will not leak in the future. The waterproofing liquid for shower walls will normally take 2 coats because the waterproofing needs to be a certain thickness for tile installation. Ensure that the materials that you use in your shower application are rated for wet areas. For example, mastic is is used to install tile in backsplashes but should never be used in wet areas according to the specifications for the product. Some mosaic tiles are too slippery to install on shower floors. Check with your local tile professional to ensure that you tile is rated for shower floors. Large format tiles can be used for the shower pan when the tiles is properly installed by a professional. 

Tile niches, benches, corner shelves are great to add to your tile shower installation or bathroom. Niches, benches, corner shelves comes in various sizes and dimensions. You will also need a matching edge for your tile such as Schluter edging or tile pencil. Some tiles do have a matching bullnose but they are really starting to lose popularity in the tile industry. In more modern tile applications tile bullnose is not used to finished the tile. Finally, powered grout does not perform well over time in water application depending upon the brand that you use. I would recommend using a premixed grout such as Mapei Flexcolor CQ in water applications such as showers. Mapei Flexcolor CQ performs like an epoxy which is much stronger than powered grout which is mixed with water. Many will frown upon the additional cost between powered grout and epoxy grout but it is worth it in the long run. Mapei Flexcolor CQ & Latricrete Permabase grouts are known for their color retention. Faded grout over time will truly diminish the look of your shower tile installation. 

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